SHE specialize in Simple & Pure Personal Skin Care Products and Wholefoods Supplements. We offer a full menu of personal care products that are organic, natural and pure. SHE is unique in that we provide individualized, personal attention, free consultations, and knowledge about the product that your purchasing. When you leave, you should know what you have purchased, how to use it, and what the results and expectations are. We encourage you to follow up with us as your skin care needs change, as our goal is to help you achieve the healthy skin and body that you desire.

Finding the right product for your skin care needs is difficult and often by trial and error. We have done the research, and have developed relationships with the creators of our products. Purchasing only from creators that we trust, and that have a passion for creating only the best, and purest products. Don’t be fooled by all the advertisements and promises, be alert to products that claim to be natural and pure. Manufactures have the right to use those terms, few can provide the purity. A rule to go by is that if a product can sit in a large warehouse for multiple years, it has synthetic ingredients in it to prevent it from spoiling. Is that really something you want to put on your body?

Check out SHE, for Simple & Pure Personal Skin Care Products. Our mission is to provide clean, green, healthy personal care products for you and your family. Shop where you can find excellent customer service, and allow us to gain your trust.

Nurse owned and operated.

Advisory Board meets monthly and as needed to review quality control and growth and development.

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