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Our mission is to inform and empower women with knowledge so that they can provide themselves and their families with healthy personal care products. SHE is owned and operated by Donna Drobny, RN, Skin Care Specialist, and Makeup Artist.

Why Choose SHE…

  • My acne and general skin condition has improved so much since I started using your products. I feel so much better about myself, can't thank you enough.

    Stacey C.
  • I love how we don’t just buy off the shelf, but that you provide an assessment along with instructions. I was so scared to put anything on my skin until I met you.

    Sara G
  • Your not judgemental and had an understanding of my acne issues. Thank you for offering me a private assessment!

  • Your cosmetics are so pure, I can finally wear makeup again.

    Becky F.
  • Whatever I buy you make sure I know how to use it and the expectations.

    Denise O.
  • I was in last Wednesday and purchased the Bamboo Face Polish and Re-Dew Serum.  I just have to tell you that I love it.  I’ve never found a product like it, my face is already so much smoother, and I love how my skin my feels.  Thank you for providing such amazing, and healthy skin care products.  I love your shop.

    Molly S.
  • I visited SHE over the weekend, met Donna who was wonderful. She was very informative about the products that she sells, skin care concerns, and in general she was a wealth of information. I would strongly encourage anyone and everyone to visit her shop! My mom called me today- she has rough cracked and dry hand- she mentioned how the lotions and scrubs that she bought have also already improved her hand is a matter of 2 days! Check this place out- you won't regret it!!!

    Lindsey M
  • I started Hemp CBD from SHE last Friday 12/7/18. My results so far... Sleeping like I’ve never slept before. I just feel like I’m for once actually sleeping. Pain wise-really no pain at all. Maybe an ache here or there, but doesn’t last long or bother me. Anything is better than before. Thankful!

    Samantha D.
  • Love, love, love everyone of my skin care products, I'm getting so many compliments! Thank you!

    Karen P.
  • There is no place like this anywhere! I came from St.Paul after a friend in Chaska told me about you. I just want to take your entire shop home with me. Your products, knowledge, and customer service far exceed my expectations!

    Brenda G
  • Your products are the only products I've been able to use consistently with excellent results. I was miserable before I found you!

    Kim B
  • Wonderful store, Even BETTER service! The gals down at SHE have the best customer service around! More businesses should be doing business like they do at SHE. Donna, the owner, makes customers feel like they are the most important. The products there as well are great! I have fought acne problems my whole life, and tried her chemical free products & after a month now, my skin is so much better than from anything my Doctor ever prescribed!

    Kellie A.
  • You are the best kept secret ever!

    Amy B
  • I can't believe how my skin is feeling and looking, I love it! I have dealt with horrid acne for 12 years, tried everything and it just kept getting worse. I was so embarrassed and self conscious, now I just smile all the time. Thank you for spending so much time with me and for always being there to answer my questions

    Melissa W.
  • The products are natural and have done wonders for my skin, and I have only been using them for 2 days. I had a free skin assessment and make-over; it was full of wonderful pointers! I purchased her line of make-up called Larenim, how I used anything else and the best part is that its natural looking, doesn't feel greasy and thick, its pure and full of mineral, no parabens, and it's not tested on animals. It just feels like you are not wearing anything!

    Lindsey M.
  • My skin has never looked so good, I feel so much better about myself.

    Rebecca R.
  • You provide a healing environment, when I’m feeling stressed you welcome me unconditionally.

    Joyce M

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*Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results for individuals may vary.

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